IMOVE foundation is a non-profit organisation established to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth and women through dance, yoga and body awareness techniques.  The foundation is registered in Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands as number: 62149814 and RSIN number 854688109. The foundation is established for an unlimited duration. The board of the foundation consists of three members  who serve voluntarily and do not receive any compensation for their services

Chariman, boardmember

Suying Lai is the chairman of the foundation as well as the head of the Humanitarian Team at Oxfam Novib and leads the organization’s humanitarian advocacy and campaigns work. She has over ten years’ experience in the non-profit sector with a focus on conflict and humanitarian issues, program management, fundraising and advocacy. She currently sits in various Oxfam governance bodies. She is of Dutch-Chinese bicultural heritage and holds a MA in political science from the Free University Amsterdam. She is passionate about the work of iMove because it provides hope and laughter to children affected by the horrors of the Syrian conflict, one of the biggest scourges in the 2st century.


Sherveen Leemhuis serves within the organization as treasurer.


Over the last 20 years, Christina Maasdam has held several positions as a consultant and leader, both in health care and developmental projects within developing and transitioning organizations. In these organizations Christina Maasdam dealt with delicate and complex situations in terms of different interests and areas of tension. Christina Maasdam takes all aspects of the organization and the programs into account: the goals, broader context, various stakeholders and partners and business perspective.
In the past 7 years, Christina Maasdam has been acting as the project director of development projects run by the congregation of the Brothers of Good Works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in which position she was also responsible for fundraising. Per April 2018 Christina Maasdam is assigned in the position of country director Iraq for Dorcas, a Dutch humanitarian aid organization.

People are more than welcome to advise the board or offer their assistance as long as they are willing to do so on a voluntary basis.


The foundation completely relies on periodic or incidental contributions by donors; sponsors and individuals who make a financial contribution to enable the continuation of our activities in enabling the disadvantaged youth and women to thrive.

Financial Status

Since its establishment in December 2014, I Move Foundation has received 115,000 euros as funding. This amount has been spent directly on Move4Syrians project.

Financial report reports:

IMOVE Foundation General information


Kinderdijkstraat 60 HS

1079 GM Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Registered in Chamber of Commerce, The Netherlands

Registration number CoC: 62149814

RSIN number: 854688109

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