“ The most important investment you can make, is in children and their future.”

The IMOVE Foundation is a non-profit organization.

Our pledge to our donors is to keep our overhead below the average in order to spend your donations as efficiently as possible. We manage to do a lot on a shoestring budget, and maintain daily personal contact with refugees.

Our staff is based in areas where activities are being conducted and our logistics costs are low. As a result, your contributions are efficiently spent on activities we believe could make a real difference to the lives of displaced Syrian children and disadvantaged youth.


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An organisation can only be an ANBI if it’s organisation’s efforts are almost entirely committed to the public benefit.

A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) is a foreign ANBI, which means in Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI).

IMOVE is a Public Benefit Organization (PBO), which means it’s organization’s efforts are almost entirely committed to the public benefit.

Your support matters

Any donation or gift is welcome and very much appreciated!

Helps Syrian children to thrive.

Bank details:

IMOVE Foundation

Bank: Triodos Bank


Bank account number (IBAN): NL60 TRIO 0198 0753 83

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