Vote 🗳 for IMOVE to enable more children who are victims of conflict to build a better life!

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The most painful experience can be your gift to the world, as it is with the impact of my work with children who have suffered war and trauma. Children who have been through war have a lot at stake. Fortunately thanks to movement and dance I was able to transform my pain, sorrow and loneliness into joy, peace and confidence to believe in myself and have a better future. For millions of children who are survivors of conflict and war this is not the case. That is why IMOVE focusses on giving them a better future through releasing the terror of trauma and fears from their mind and body.

Now we have a chance of winning the Achmea Accelerated Award (ImpactPlus) of 10.000 euros to make a difference through your support. Cast your vote for IMOVE in the final contest of Achmea voting round and give children & women who are survivors of war and conflict a better future.

Vote  through this link & share this link as well as this message with your friends, family, and so many people as you can on social media to change the lives of children need!

We thank you in advance for your vote and for sharing the campaign!

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